Crypto profit calculator - top five picks of 2022

Investments in cryptocurrencies have emerged as among the most lucrative online income streams. Since the market’s launch in 2009, it has grown tremendously. Although the market has historically been very volatile, early investors have found the risk worthwhile. Naturally, the need for an ideal crypto profit calculator has arisen.

Fortunately, there are many options, and we are listing a few of them here:


PlasBit crypto profit calculator

We are ranking PlasBit as #1 for its numerous features and simple design. Furthermore, a few of its unique qualities are:

  • It works for almost all known cryptocurrencies.
  • It provides the live values of your desired crypto against the chosen fiat currency.
  • Its layout is customizable as per the user’s desires.
  • It offers real-time trends on Bitcoin or any other selected crypto.

Finally, it does not work offline and needs an active online connection.


Profits crypto profit calculator

With the help of this calculator, you can estimate the earnings you will get from purchasing or selling different cryptocurrencies.

They include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dodge coin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • Binance Coin
  • XRP
  • Litecoin
  • Furthermore, by entering the necessary numbers, this profit calculator helps you determine how much money you’re likely to gain when trading.

Finally, this crypto profit calculator needs to be added many cryptos. It would be much better if it showed real-time values of the cryptocurrencies.



You can connect your portfolio to Coinstats to make tracking your gains and losses easier.

Also, CoinStats can automatically track your gains by linking to your wallets and exchanges, delivering quick computations and notifications on both positive and negative trends in your portfolio.

Finally, it offers a few great features in its free version.


The Crypto Profit Calculator

This crypto profit calculator is a straightforward tool with hundreds of coins and tokens. Select the fiat money and crypto that you bought to use the calculator.

Similarly, the “investment” area should be filled out with the amount of fiat money you invested, and the “Initial Crypto price” field should be filled out with the price of the crypto when you bought it.

Next, enter the sale price, investor fee, an exit fee to calculate the loss or profit on your investment.

Finally, it has many ads, and the values are only accurate up to a few decimal points.


Mortgage Calculator

This crypto profit calculator is simple to use. You should input your investment amount in the “Investment Amount” form and the initial coin price in the “initial coin price” field.

Put the price you sold the coin in the “Selling Coin Price” column, and then put the investment fee % in the “Investment Fee” area.

Furthermore, the outcome will show your investment amount, the amount of cryptocurrency equal to your investment, profit or loss, the investment charge, and the overall amount.

A profit is indicated by a green profit/loss number, whereas a red number characterizes a loss.

Finally, it could have done better with the live values of the crypto coins. Another drawback is that you must research coin values before using the calculator.



An ideal crypto profit calculator is simple and has real-time accurate cryptocurrency values. Fortunately, we find most similar qualities in PlasBit’s crypto profit calculator. So, in our opinion, it is the best crypto calculator on the market.