The best crypto profit calculator

We’ve all been there, trying to calculate how much our crypto is worth and getting lost in a sea of numbers. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. This blog gives you a clear perspective on some of the best crypto calculators in the market. So whether you’re just getting started in cryptocurrency or a seasoned pro, one of these calculators is sure to suit your needs.

PlasBit’s crypto calculator uses real-time exchange rates to determine how much your crypto is valued in any of the world currencies it supports. You can also learn how the value of your chosen crypto has fluctuated against your selected currency over time.

  • You need to enter the following values to get your estimated profit value:
  • Investments amount.
  • Initial crypto price.
  • Selling crypto price.
  • Investment fee.
  • Exit fee.
  • Choose the type of cryptocurrency.

Also, PlasBit’s crypto profit calculator keeps you updated with live and historical crypto values of multiple cryptocurrencies that you have chosen.

What we love about PlasbBit: Regular updates, quick output, simple interface, and the availability of both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Also, all the features of their profit calculator are free.

What we don’t like about PlasBit: No offline availability and coin charts disappear without an internet connection.

A simple crypto profit calculator gives you an almost accurate profit output. Also, it would be best if you input the following values to get a precise profit output:

  • Hash rate.
  • Difficulty factor.
  • Exchange rate.
  • Pool fees.
  • Hardware cost.
  • Power cost.

What we love about Coinsmart: Its simple interface.

What we don’t like about Coinsmart: Only limited to BTC.

Coinstats lets you connect your portfolio and facilitate in calculating your profits and losses.

Furthermore, by connecting its program to your wallet and exchange, CoinStats can automatically keep tabs on your gains, providing fast computations and alerts on positive and negative patterns in your portfolio.

What we love about Coinstats: It automatically calculates your profits and losses by taking input from your connected portfolio.

What we don’t like about Coinstats: You need to pay to avail of maximum benefits.

Crypto Profit Calculator has a simple interface that requires you to enter the following values to calculate profits and losses.

  • Investment
  • Investment Fee
  • Initial Crypto Price
  • Selling Crypto Price
  • Exit Fee

What we love about the crypto profit calculator: It has simple usage and supports multiple currencies.

What we don’t like about the crypto profit calculator: It should support more input values to estimate better profit and loss.


An ideal crypto profit calculator would have live and accurate crypto values and give the best-estimated profit value. Today when the world is engulfed in the cryptocurrency storm, crypto calculators are a must-have tool. In our opinion, the calculators mentioned above provide decent results.

PlasBit, however, gives you more freedom and flexibility regarding usage and site embedding. So, naturally, it is our favorite because of its simplicity, straightforward usage, real-time accurate crypto values, and other features. Thanks for the Read!

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