The crypto profit calculator to embed on your website

Crypto calculators are a necessity in these crypto currency-driven economies. As a website owner, you can attract much extra traffic and provide value to your audience by offering a crypto profit calculator. Please read on to learn more:

PlasBit Crypto Profit Calculator

By inserting its code into your website, you may utilize PlasBit’s crypto profit calculator as a widget.

You may also customize the widget’s look by altering the text’s font color and background. Just like how the calculator’s appearance is dynamic, so is the embeddable code.

PlasBit’s cryptocurrency profit calculator is available for embedding on your site.

Also, it provides you with the following benefits if you decide to embed it on your website.


Interacting with the audience

Increased availability and sophistication of available technologies have led to a rise in consumers’ expectations. Because of this, it is harder for businesses to differentiate themselves.

Interactive content like a profit calculator can help bridge this gap by prompting users to act and engage with the brand more meaningfully than simply consuming it.

So, your embedded crypto profit calculator must be entertaining to be effective. Also, it must have certain elements your visitors may benefit from.


Lead Generation

When visitors visit your site for the sole purpose of using the crypto profit calculator, there is a high probability of a rush in your sales funnel.

Finally, the best part is that you didn’t have to create the calculator; you only copied and pasted it on your HTML window.


Embedded Widgets don’t annoy your visitors.

Instead of floating widgets, embedded widgets like a profit calculator do not distract the visitors from the rest of the page.

Instead, they look like they were designed to be there all along.


Customizable design to better suit your website

A crypto profit calculator like PlasBit allows you to customize its design and colors. You can match them with the theme of your website to improve its appearance.

Furthermore, you can change its text, background, and button colors.


It is a gold mine for crypto blogs and businesses.

If you own a website concerning cryptocurrency, an embedded crypto profit calculator is what your visitors or clients need.

In addition, your crypto blog/site without a crypto profit calculator lacks value for the visitors. Also, they have to open another website to use their calculator; thus, you may lose regular visitors or clients.

Finally, to keep your traffic within your website, you need to embed a crypto profit calculator like PlasBit.



A crypto profit calculator embedded into your website can benefit you and your visitors in more than one way. Also, there is no better way to promote and spread the word about your website than to offer something for free.

So, which crypto profit calculator should you embed? PlasBit’s calculator has become more appealing, customizable, and helpful in multiple ways, making it an obvious choice for most people.

The crypto profit calculator