Crypto Profit Calculator Free

Come to think of it, when investing in a business, we consider many things, most of all profit. Consider how much investment return you will be getting by calculating how much you are spending to the prospects of how much you will be making; this will make you realize whether your investment is worth it. In cryptocurrency, will you profit or lose from a coin purchase?


Even some crypto investors who have been in the business need to learn that there are ways to maximize the gain from your crypto investment. These ‘ways’ include the use of crypto trading tools. These crypto trading tools, or widgets, are online tools that help make crypto trading much more effortless. They all perform different functions and are usually provided on some crypto exchange platforms, which allow their client to make more informed decisions.


One of these tools is the crypto profit calculator free, and the function of the crypto profit calculator is to help users estimate their profit or loss from a particular investment to make investors realize whether the investment is worth it.

This article will address some of the must-have features of an excellent crypto profit calculator free and also give recommendations on which best crypto profit calculator free you can utilize next time you plan on making a crypto investment.


Features of a Crypto Profit Calculator


Real-Time Price Updates

Crypto profit calculators are used to make estimates on possible profit and loss of investing in a particular coin. That is why it needs to be connected to a real-time platform that updates coin prices. Real-time updates will further improve the chances of getting an accurate estimate, as we all know just how volatile the prices of cryptocurrencies can be. You don’t want to run into a loss just because you sold your coin at the wrong time or didn’t sell it at the right time; this is a fundamental feature of most crypto profit calculators free, and this is mainly because the prices will be needed to make accurate estimates.


Multiple Cryptocurrencies

One of the other features differentiating a good crypto profit calculator free from an ordinary or standard one is the number of coins they support. With tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies, investors are always seeking opportunities to make profits from any of these. You don’t want to withdraw from an investment because you can’t be sure if it will be profitable. An excellent crypto profit calculator free will support as many cryptocurrencies, maybe not all, but being able to host 50+ coins is more than enough.


Fiat Conversions

This feature is also evident in most crypto profit calculators free. The result of your inputs will be generated in fiat to make it easier to understand the financial outcomes. The result will be rendered in dollars ($) for most of this crypto profit calculator free. However, we have advanced crypto profit calculators free with the function to change the currency. You can use your local currency for a more detailed and informative conclusion or stick with the dollar.


Transaction Fees

Apart from just inputting the purchase and selling prices, the crypto profit calculator free will also give users the option of inputting transaction fees. In most cases, it is represented by two parameters; the investment fees, which include all the sum expended while acquiring the coins, and the exit fees, which include all the sum spent while selling the coins. Anybody can make profit estimates with just the buying and selling prices, but the transaction fees are why the crypto profit calculator free is one of the prominent tools you need as an investor.


Portfolio Management

Some crypto profit calculators free took it up a notch and offered portfolio management services; this is nothing shady. All you have to do is link your exchange platform to the crypto profit calculator free, then add the coin or coins you want to keep track of, and when there is a change in the pricing, you will get notified. Although the supported exchange platforms are limited, one has to agree that this is one of the best features for investors who don’t have that much free time to sit in front of a monitor waiting for a price to change, which may not happen anytime soon.


Mobile Compatibility

Crypto profit calculators are online tools; some websites have them as widgets. You can access them from anywhere as long as you have active internet.





Make a list of the best cryptocurrency exchange platform, and this platform will be one of the tops. It is a reasonably new cryptocurrency exchange platform, but it came into the market with much to offer.


PlasBit not only provide a multi-coin supported wallet, but they also support transfers to and from over 130 countries worldwide. Their crypto debit card is also to consider; it lets you spend cryptocurrency with a debit card. That said, the main point of this article is the crypto profit calculator free. PlasBit offers a lot of widgets, the crypto profit calculator free being one of them. As a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can expect their profit calculator to be up-to-date, and it is considered an advanced crypto profit calculator as it contains advanced features like multi-currency and multi-coin support.

You can check for potential profit on over 40 coins, not only Bitcoin and the rest; they also support altcoins and even meme coins.



If you are looking for a comprehensive crypto profit calculator with a lot of depth, then the CoinStats crypto profit calculator, free, should be your go-to.

There is no way to estimate how many coins they support, you can search for the coin name, and hopefully, it will be included in their database; however, CoinStats crypto profit calculator free support most of the popular coins, including altcoins and meme coins. They also provide portfolio management services. They claim to be No.1 in the world in terms of wallet and exchange integration.

They can help you manage your portfolio when you link it to their website by giving you on-time notifications whenever there is a change in any of the coins in your wallet.

We recommend this if you want a simple crypto profit calculator. It has a straightforward interface and a little bit of ads, but it is simple enough; this can be an option for people who want to get some work done and get out. Their supported coin base is astronomical, you can search for any coin, and it will be added. What’s more? The same can be said for the number of supported currencies as well, as all you have to do is type in the currency you want the results to be displayed in, and it will be changed.


However, its simplicity is also a disadvantage. is not an exchange platform, so you must confirm the coin prices from another site before proceeding. The coin prices are written just below the coin tab on their website, so you can easily compare the prices with another platform.



Coincodex is a data and charting platform providing much information about cryptocurrencies.

While it is not a crypto trading tool, it is the type of website that guides where to go. The website host a lot of data, both historical and analytic, on a lot of cryptocurrency and crypto trading platform. As a data platform, they also have a few crypto trading tools.

The crypto profit calculator free is just like the others, containing the vital component; investment amount, purchase price, sell price, investment fee, and exit fee. You can also trust their coin prices to be accurate since most exchange platforms utilize data and charting platforms like CoinCodex for price updates.

They also offer portfolio tracking services, using their vast information database to keep their clients updated on trends in the world of cryptocurrency.



One has to admit that the crypto profit calculator can help to mitigate some of the risks and fear of investing in cryptocurrencies. Investors don’t have to go unthinkingly and hope for the best because crypto trading tools are helping make the market more profitable.


This article has addressed the features you should look for when searching for a crypto profit calculator. You do not need to search far and wide, though, as this article also contains recommendations.


While each recommended crypto profit calculator free has pros and cons, the top recommendation is PlasBit because it can be considered the most all-rounder among the calculators on this list. It was mentioned that PlasBit offers a lot of widgets, and the crypto profit calculator free is just one of the nine crypto trading tools that PlasBit has to offer. Research is now a key component of crypto investing, and having nine research tools at your disposal will further increase, no, exponentially increase your chances of profiting.

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